James has a gift for encouraging people to pray.  He speaks from the heart with a candid, energetic approach that keeps listeners attentive (when James was in high school and college he received state and national awards in informative speaking). James loves to help people and churches face challenging questions about prayer.  How do you pray for a prodigal son or daughter?  How do you keep praying when answers seem long in coming?  How do you help a church or group learn how to love praying together?  How can you learn how to pray when prayer doesn’t “come naturally” to you? James faces these and other questions in ways that are both down-to-earth and Scriptural, leaving listeners equipped and longing to draw closer to God.

James has a “team-player” approach to helping churches and nonprofit organizations plan their events, which begins with praying together well in advance of the event.  Presentations cover a number of topics, including Praying the Prayers of the Bible, Praying for Prodigals, The Power of Praying Together, Taking Prayer Home (Praying with Those We Love), The Teamwork of Prayer,  Creating a Culture of Prayer in the Church, Praying With Jesus, and Wrestling for a Blessing (Waiting on God Together).  James is available for one-day workshops, retreats, weekday or weekend seminars, prayer meetings, worship services, luncheons, and special meetings with church leadership or prayer groups (he prepares his presentations according to the needs of the groups he is serving).   Churches also sometimes join together and welcome James for an event.  If you’d like to inquire about James encouraging your church or group in prayer, please email us at  Here are responses from participants in recent events:

God used James to teach me about how to be a genuine, caring and transparent servant who fully trusts Him and boasts about who He is and what that means to us.  The worship together was so sweet and meaningful.  Thank you for this time of blessing!”    ~Melody

“James really encouraged us in our prayer life and in praying together as a couple.”  ~Shea

 “The transparency James and others displayed was a blessing.  Awesome retreat!”   ~Mark

 “I was able to pray with my wife on a level never before achieved in our 18 years together.  I wish there were more days in the weekend!” ~Jon

 “The subject of prodigals is close to our hearts.  James (and his wife Cari) took the time to pray with us and that was a very special gesture.  I will never forget God’s generosity in sending these two special people to encourage us.  Thank you for letting Him use you to speak to us!” ~Debbie

 “I enjoyed James’ openness in sharing about children and learned things to help me in my daily walk.” ~Wendy

 “The morning prayer session was tremendously uplifting and cathartic for me.” ~Bill

 “James helped me to realize how important it is to wait on God.  Loved every moment of these sessions!”  ~Sandy

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