Prodigal Prayer Wall

Welcome to our “Prodigal Prayer Wall.” You can share your prayer requests for your prodigal and praises (for answers to prayer) below. Please stay a moment and pray for others, then come back often to pray and share your answers. Your requests will be prayed for by the Prodigal Prayer Team at Peace Church and our online community. Space for each entry is limited to 45 words. *Indicates a required field.

We have 2 sons, still following the Lord, but the enemy is on their heels.  Oldest now in unhealthy relationship.  Pray God’s protection and that he will walk away, and walk with Jesus.


Please pray for my sons and daughter that they will return to the Lord they knew in their younger years.


I ask for prayers for my three children, Jon, Nate, & Landon. Please pray that they will turn to the Lord & strive to live a life pleasing to him.


Please pray for salvation for my 23 year old daughter and 19 year old son who have turned away from God and think they can do better on their own.


My son, Matthew, 36 years-old, saved when he was young, has gotten far away from the Lord ever since his teen years.  I’ve prayed earnestly and diligently for him all these years.  Please pray with me for my son.


Been fasting & praying for my ex-husband, Ed, for a true salvation & deliverance from his lifestyle of immorality, the immoral women, rebellion towards God… I never wanted the divorce but his lifestyle gave me no choice. Please pray for him, Thanks.


Pray for our son, Nick. He is rebelling against God, and living a life that is not honoring God. He is in a lot of emotional pain, and we want to reconcile with him.


Our adult son is struggling with alcohol and sex addiction. He has a girlfriend; they have a baby together. Please pray he will choose to be a Godly dad, and choose Jesus over his stuff–that he will be able to work and be a responsible dad.


Please  pray that my son and daughter would surrender their hearts to the Lord before it’s too late. They are both still young and aren’t living godly lives.


Answer to Prayer & Praise Reports

Blessed 4 yrs ago to have a friend recommend when oldest gave us challenges.  On my 4th time.


Prayers for Prodigals has helped me get through 10 years of darkness.  Reading it over and over helped me feel like someone else understood.  It brought so much hope and encouragement.  Recently God has faithfully set my daughter free. Thank  you.


Praise for Prayers for Prodigals! I have given many away and reorder for myself because I make notations all over the pages. Our daughter has come a long way through answered prayers. The book has been a source of hope when I am desperate.


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