Encouraging Prayer

God’s Word encourages us to “Devote yourselves to prayer….” (Colossians 4:2). James understands that this isn’t always easy, and through his writing and speaking makes it his goal to help others learn how to love to pray. Below are four key areas where he may be able to help.

Prayer for Prodigals

Others may not understand what you’re going through with your prodigal, but God does. He knows what it’s like to have a world full of prodigals, and longs for you to bring yours before Him in prayer. Visit our Prodigal Prayer Wall to pray with others, search our Prayer Resources page for practical help, and be sure to check out James’ bestselling book, Prayers for Prodigals.

Prayer for Others

What better gift can you give those you love than your heartfelt prayers for them? When we pray for others, we invite the difference only God can make in their lives. James’s DVD and workbook Praying with Jesus digs into Jesus’s practice of praying for others (lesson 5) , and his book Prayers for Your Children helps you pray thoughtfully and scripturally for children of any age. Search our Prayer Resources page for more ideas!

Praying God's Word

Praying Scripture’s prayers give our own prayers wings. God’s Word not only teaches us how to pray; the Spirit moves through His Word to inspire and encourage us. James’ book Praying the Prayers of the Bible organizes Scripture’s prayers so that they can be easily made your own. Visit the Prayer Resources page and check out James’ blog and podcasts for several unique and creative ways to pray God’s Word.

Praying Together

Many feel awkward praying with others—but God never meant it to be that way. Does your group, church, family or relationship need fresh inspiration? James’ book Praying Together offers timely insights from God’s Word and praying believers throughout history. It also includes practical tips, “prayer confidence builders,” and multiple tools to help you really look forward to your time together. James would also love to come and encourage your group as you pray!

Prodigal Prayer Wall