Staying Close

Jun 04

On the last National Day of Prayer Encouraging Prayer host Robby Dilmore and I talked about a beautiful scriptural illustration of what it means to stay close to God. Need fresh encouragement about what it means to keep company with the One who loves you more than life?  You’ll find it here.

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How Prayer Helps When We’re Tempted

May 04

Been messing up lately? Need encouragement in your struggle with temptation? Jesus gives some amazing (and often misunderstood) advice that can make a real difference in the heat of the moment. “Take a listen” to this brief Encouraging Prayer conversation. You’ll find help here that the devil doesn’t want you to know...

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Real People, Real Prayer

Apr 04

We can be easily intimidated when it comes to praying. Some prayers sound so good that you might think, “God has to hear that!”  But God isn’t impressed with the words we use–there’s something far more valuable, something that matters so much more to God than words alone. I hope you’ll join us on this Encouraging Prayer...

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Praying the Lord’s Prayer, Pt. 2 (podcast)

Mar 16

Here’s the second half of our walk through the Lord’s Prayer (from the Encouraging Prayer radio broadcast), where we engage it not only as words, but as a way to pray.  Need practical encouragement for spending time with God? You’ll find it here.

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Praying the Lord’s Prayer, Pt. 1 (podcast)

Mar 02

When Jesus taught us the Lord’s prayer, He was teaching us more than just words to memorize. He was also teaching us ways to pray, a method for spending time with God as we go through the day. Listen in as Encouraging Prayer host Robby Dilmore and I dive into this helpful topic in this two-part series.

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“How May I Serve You?”

Jan 04

When we pray, it’s tempting for us to make our plans and then ask God to bless them.  But there’s another example in Scripture, seen in Jesus’ life and in his mother’s as well.  This Encouraging Prayer broadcast occurred shortly before Christmas, and it’s a message that works well for starting the year.  Begin your days this way,...

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