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Praying The Prayers of the Bible

Praying The Prayers of The Bible

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Praying the Prayers of the Bible is James’ latest book from Discovery House Publishers.

Praying the Prayers of the Bible will encourage and inspire you with prayers from God’s Word.  You’ll find prayers to help you praise God, prayers for daily needs, prayers to strengthen faith, prayers for guidance and direction, and many more.  You’ll find yourself challenged and refreshed as you learn to pray following the “knee-prints” of Jesus, David, Moses, Elijah, Mary, Paul, Peter (and many others). You’ll also find insightful reflections, “prayer-starters” to “jump-start” your personal prayers, and a special index to help you apply the prayers of the Bible to life.

Praying the Prayers of the Bible offers powerful and inspiring help for personal prayer, couples, prayer groups and churches.  Build your prayer life on the firm foundation of the Word of God through Praying the Prayers of the Bible!



James was recently interviewed by Daniel Henderson and The 6:4 Fellowship about praying Scripture’s prayers:


Praying the Prayers of the Bible is a powerful book that will inspire and teach you as you pray.  Here’s what others are saying:

“The best way to talk to God is from His own Word.  My friend, James Banks, has done a masterful job in helping us encounter God in the Scriptures while capturing the breadth of human emotion, the depth of personal struggle and the heights of extraordinary praise. No matter who you are or what you are encountering, these prayers will give language to your soul and direction to your life.”

— Daniel Henderson – President, Strategic Renewal International

“This wonderful little volume can transform your prayer life! As all the great saints of Christian history understood, something very special seems to happen when a person appropriates the inspired and life-giving words of Holy Scripture to express to God their deepest yearnings, petitions and praise.  Give it a try and your prayers will never be the same!”

— Dr. Garth M. Rosell, Professor of Church History
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

“Over the years, I have discovered the great inspiration of using passages of the Bible for each of the steps of my conversation with God in prayer.  Often I would search for a prayer prayed by one of my biblical heroes or heroines to help me in the challenges and opportunities of my life. Now in this magnificent collection of the prayers of the Bible, these prayers are collected and categorized for our deepest needs and urgent questions.  It is moving to know that the Holy Spirit inspired them and uses them to give me a way to pray prayers that He will wing to the heart of God.  My prayer life has been enriched by this book and it will be a cherished part of my devotions in the years to come.”

— Dr. Lloyd Ogilvie, 61st Chaplain of the U.S. Senate

“I love any book that teaches me how to pray, or even what to pray. Therefore, I love this book by James Banks entitled Praying the Prayers of the Bible, because they are so handy, and they are biblical. My prayer is that you would become a better prayer warrior for God, by praying the prayers of the Bible. May this book accomplish the purpose for which it was written.”

— Elmer Towns, Co Founder, Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia

“God has fueled in James Banks a passion for prayer, a passion that he desires to share with all of God’s people.  Praying the Prayers of the Bible is the result, and in it you will learn how to use the many prayers of Scripture as prompts for deepening your relationship with our Triune God and your times of prayer and communication with the One who gives us life. I look forward to using this wonderful book in my own devotional time in ways that will help focus my attention on loving the One who first loved us.”

— Bob Mayer, Senior Librarian, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

Prayers for Prodigals

Prayer For Prodigals Cover

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Other parents may not understand what you’re up against with your prodigal son or daughter, but God understands. He knows what its like to have a world full of prodigals, and He waits for you to bring yours to Him through committed, passionate praying.

Parents can bless their child in no greater way than to pray for his or her salvation. Yet sometimes knowing what to pray can be difficult. Prayers for Prodigals will help you pray for your prodigal child while encouraging you and reminding you of the power of God to answer prayer. Ninety Scripture-based prayers cover emotional and practical challenges faced by parents of prodigals.

Use this book to partner with God, through prayer, to change your child’s eternal future by bringing your son or daughter into a vital relationship with Jesus. Nothing in this world or the next could possibly matter more.




Here’s what others are saying about Prayers for Prodigals:

“My mother, Ruth Bell Graham, would have loved this book Prayers for Prodigals.  Why?  Because she loved prodigals; I know—I was one.  James Banks certainly captures the hearts of many mothers and fathers who agonize over wayward children.  Even for children who don’t walk the prodigal path, all children, teenagers, and adult children need prayer.  This book puts such prayer into proper perspective—James has shared from the depth of experience the secret of parental prayers for children and reveals the truth for effective prayer—God’s Word.  He looks inward first to his own shortfall so that God can then lead him to touch the heart of a loving heavenly Father as he seeks the mind of Christ.  I believe if every parent would peruse these pages they would find guidance and comfort in trusting the Lord with their dearest possessions.”

— Franklin Graham, President & CEO, Billy Graham
Evangelistic Association, Samaritan’s Purse

“This book will meet a real need for the many parents of prodigals who long to pray their children home and experience God’s peace while they’re waiting.”

— Cheri Fuller, author of 42 books, including When Mothers Pray

“I am thrilled that such a book is being written for parents of prodigals who need so much encouragement to keep praying when they don’t see any evidence of the answer. I pray God’s blessing on this book.”

—Fern Nichols, Founder & President, Moms in Touch International

“Years of pastoring and counseling have brought many parents my way who have wayward children. Our God, who answers prayer, is the key in children returning to God and their parents. I look forward to using this resource to help many hurting parents!”

—Dr. Kerry L. Skinner, KLS/Life Change Ministries

“As a father and grandfather, I have sometimes searched hard for words to express both gratitude and longing for our young ones. I find James Banks’ words of prayer both honest and helpful, and have already shared them with our own grown children for their own use!”

—Leighton Ford, President, Leighton Ford Ministries

To see an excerpt from the book please visit PrayersForProdigals.org, which also includes a place for parents to share prayers for their prodigal children.

The Lost Art of Praying Together

The Lost Art Of Praying Together

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Jesus has promised that “where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them” (Matthew 18:20). Praying together is an opportunity to enter into the presence of God in a unique and powerful way. But for many, praying together has become a lost art. Prayer meetings aren’t at the top of most Christians’ lists of favorite things to do.

Filled with biblical encouragement and practical insights, The Lost Art of Praying Together will help you make united prayer a priority—in your church, your family, and wherever God’s people are gathered together. Reflection questions make this book ideal for personal or group study, and appendices offer practical tips for organizing prayer groups. Amazing things happen when God’s people pray!





“If ever there was a time in our nation for prayer it is now. Dr. Banks has offered a most insightful and practical help on prayer. His work is from the Father’s heart and one of the best that I have read. Time spent in this book is time spent at the Master’s feet.”

—Dr. Terry Teykl, Author, speaker, and consultant
Renewal Ministries

“For those who are searching for spiritual renewal, one could hardly recommend a better place to begin than with the reading of James Banks’ excellent new book, The Lost Art of Praying Together.”

—Garth M. Rosell, Professor of Church History,
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

“James Banks has unearthed some long-overlooked gems from God’s Word and history about why praying together matters. Here’s help for churches, prayer groups and families who hunger to see what God can do when His people pray. The Lost Art of Praying Together is a timely and powerful work.”

—Cheri Fuller, Author of 42 books
Gold Medallion Book Award-winner

For more information about The Lost Art of Praying Together, please visit LostArtofPrayer.com.