The Perfect Prayer Partner (Podcast)

Nov 10

“I want to pray, but I don’t know the words.” I heard that line in a movie trailer yesterday and it hit home. Do you find yourself struggling with what to say when you pray? Do you ever wrestle with how to keep praying, when you’ve run out of words but not out of thoughts? Our Heavenly Father understands that real prayer is about so much...

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“Praying Continually?” (Podcast)

Oct 01

The Bible tells us to “pray continually” (1 Thessalonians 5:17), but what does that mean? On this “Encouraging Prayer” broadcast host Robby Dilmore and I discuss an invitation into discovering God’s goodness in fresh ways. Please join us!

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Giving the Gift of Prayer

Aug 29

If you click on the “Prodigals Prayer Site” on the right, it will take you to In the right hand column of that site, you’ll see a number of prayer requests which cycle through every 30 seconds or so. These are requests from the parents and grandparents of prodigals, calling out to God for their dear ones. Please join them...

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Do’s and Don’ts for Praying Together

Aug 16

Sometimes the experience of praying in a group can be less than inspirational… But just a few creative ideas make a huge difference! You’ll want to share this brief Encouraging Prayer podcast with others!

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Stop, Drop and Pray

Jul 23

Have you ever told someone, “I’ll pray for you…” and then forgotten to do it? This brief (6-minute) episode of “Encouraging Prayer” takes a look at the vital importance of spontaneous prayer and the difference it can make in our lives. Share it with a friend!

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Praying For Lost Loved Ones (Podcast)

Jun 26

Do you have loved ones who seem to be “inoculated” against the Christian faith? Do you ever wonder, “How can Jesus mean so much to me, and seem to mean so little to them?” Never give up praying! I hope this recent episode of “Encouraging Prayer” provides some solid, scriptural help to keep you going.

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“Hide Here!” (podcast)

Jun 09

Scripture often describes “hiding” ourselves in the Lord. It’s more than just a metaphor–it’s something we can actually learn to do. I hope you enjoy this “Encouraging Prayer” broadcast where we discuss practical ways to rest in our Refuge and Strength.

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