Peace in Our Worries

Oct 08

Jesus promised us His peace. But so often the peace in our hearts is overtaken by the worries in our heads.  How do we move beyond this? By getting into God’s presence long enough for Him to lift the burdens from us. This is no platitude–it’s a hard-won truth that takes time to discover. I hope you’ll join us on “Encouraging...

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Don’t hold back!

Sep 28

Ever pray on “auto-pilot?”  Here’s a little encouragement to stir things up.  Join us for this “Encouraging Prayer” broadcast about keeping it fresh, giving ourselves to God as we pray.

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The Prayer that Changes Everything

Sep 21

Want to see real change?  It won’t happen through an election–it will take more than that. Toward the end of the Revelation, there’s a prayer that challenges us to think bigger, and to reach for what God alone can do. Join us as we discuss it on this brief episode of “Encouraging Prayer.”

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“Send A Friend”

Sep 06

In Luke 10:2, Jesus told the disciples to “Ask the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into the harvest field.” On this “Encouraging Prayer” broadcast, I’ll talk with host Robby Dilmore about what happened when Cari and I asked God to “send a friend” into our son’s life. Please join us as we delve into this vital

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Hidden Treasures of Prayer

Aug 11

Ever wish you had a “split-screen” view of life, where you could watch answers to your prayers for a loved one in the moments they unfold? Today’s my son’s birthday, and in this podcast I share a story about why he is alive today–because of an answer to prayer. We don’t always see answers coming, but once the work is done...

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Praying Like Esther (podcast)

Jul 28

When Jesus taught on fasting, he didn’t say “If you fast….”  He said, “When you fast….” Fasting is a vital part of prayer that is sometimes overlooked. On this Encouraging Prayer broadcast, host Robby Dilmore and I talk about why fasting matters, and how to start it if you’ve never done it before.  Please join us!

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Praying with Moses

Jul 06

Do you ever find yourself “stuck in a rut” when it comes to praying?  If you need to be refreshed in what it means to really communicate with our Creator, you’ll find a great example in Moses.  Discover fresh help for your moments with God!  Join us on this Encouraging Prayer Podcast.

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