Leaving a Legacy of Love and Prayer (podcast)

Feb 02

When we love others with our prayers, we welcome what only God can do for them. Join host Robby Dilmore and me on this Encouraging Prayer broadcast as we share some heartwarming stories about the difference our prayers make for those we love.

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Surprised by Mercy

Jan 13

I continued to be amazed by God’s beautiful, continued mercy in my son’s life, saving him out of heroin addiction and drawing him near.  Today, he points others to Jesus. Follow this link to his story: ...

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“How May I Serve You?”

Jan 04

When we pray, it’s tempting for us to make our plans and then ask God to bless them.  But there’s another example in Scripture, seen in Jesus’ life and in his mother’s as well.  This Encouraging Prayer broadcast occurred shortly before Christmas, and it’s a message that works well for starting the year.  Begin your days this way,...

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Running to Joy

Dec 05

What we think about God can have a significant effect on how we pray. On this “Encouraging Prayer” podcast, host Robby Dilmore talk about what Jesus taught us about God’s joy, and our place in it. G.K. Chesterton wrote, “To miss the joy is to miss all.”  Don’t miss this!

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Waiting with Jesus (podcast)

Nov 09

Waiting isn’t easy. But it makes a difference when we wait with God, instead of on Him.  When we combine worship and waiting, hope soon follows.  (PRODUCTION NOTE: The ambient noise in this episode is because it was recorded at a festival of Arab Christians–which was a lot of fun!)

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A Prayer for Open Eyes (podcast)

Oct 24

Scripture shows us a strategic way to pray for those who are far from God and need to come closer.  Don’t miss this Encouraging Prayer broadcast episode where we discuss “A Prayer for Open Eyes.”

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Peace in Our Worries

Oct 08

Jesus promised us His peace. But so often the peace in our hearts is overtaken by the worries in our heads.  How do we move beyond this? By getting into God’s presence long enough for Him to lift the burdens from us. This is no platitude–it’s a hard-won truth that takes time to discover. I hope you’ll join us on “Encouraging...

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