Seeking God’s Face

May 07

What does it mean to seek God’s face when we can’t see Him? Host Robby Dilmore and I discuss this in today’s “Encouraging Prayer” broadcast. I hope you’ll find it helpful on this National Day of Prayer!

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“Not Good” at Prayer?

Apr 28

Ever feel like you’re not good at praying?  This quick video may help…

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If You Want to Get the Biscuits, You Have to Sit and Stay

Apr 01

How can you rest in God even when life rushes by you like a freeway?  In this podcast, Robby Dilmore and I sat down at the 2015 National Religious Broadcasters’ Convention to talk about that.  There are blessings God only seems to give when we take the time to receive them.  Don’t miss the joy!

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Prayers for Your Children

Feb 14

Prayers for Your Children has gone into its second printing even before its official release date! Please pray God will put it in the hands of all who need it. It’s now available at Discovery House. Just follow this...

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Shepherding Parents of Prodigals Webinar

Feb 04

Many families in ministry have experienced the heartbreaking challenges of parenting prodigals. This recent webinar with Our Daily Bread Ministries provides a practical look at ways we can join God’s search and rescue mission for those we love: ...

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Praying with Jesus (podcast)

Jan 21

What would it be like to pray with Jesus? There is a way. In this “Encouraging Prayer” segment we discuss an amazing promise Jesus made that is often overlooked!

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Praying for Prodigals Webinar

Jan 14

Cari and I recently sat down with Tim Jackson at RBC Ministries (Our Daily Bread) and talked about parenting and praying for prodigals. If you missed the first webinar, here’s a link! We’ll also be posting Tuesday’s webinar soon....

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